Gold BAR & Mining

Of all the precious metals, Gold has been the most popular as an investment. Gold bullion comes in two forms namely Gold Bullion Bars and Bullion Coins. Global Connect , has been actively trading in Gold Bullion for many years now.


We buy and sell Gold Bullion Bars from multiple countries. Bullion bars come in many sizes ranging from a few grams to 5 kilo gram bars. We buy Bullion bars of sizes 10 grams to 500 grams, 1 Kilo Gram, 2 Kilo Gram and 5 Kilo Gram, of purity 9995 and up. We can buy 200 Kilo grams worth of Bullion daily. Our payments would be made after receiving the Assay reports from the respective refineries.Interested sellers can send there quotes on the basis of deliveries globally.

Our suppliers should ensure that their gold is assayed in the following refinery globally, for testing the purity of precious metals prior to our payment .

Before you make your gold deliveries to the mentioned refinery, kindly take a prior consent form us. In addition, all deliveries to the refinery should be made in our company name account of "GLOBAL CONNECT" , and kindly fax the delivery receipt to us at (65) 98260001/(91) 99100 02299 or Email us at for necessary action.

Country of origin and a declaration that goods are not of criminal origin by the owner is required while shipping the goods to our above refinery under our company name. Gold delivery done to our refinery will be subject to your prior acceptance of our terms and our written consent for delivery to our refinery. If any delivery of precious metal is done without out consent, it will be rejected by us and our refinery. Refinery does the assaying of precious metals as follows:

  • Gold Bars/Major SCRAP 99% Plus

    Returnable Rate: Gold 100% on assay from after melt weight.

  • Gold Bars/Major SCRAP 97%-98.99% Plus

    Returnable Rate : Gold 100% on assay from after melt weight.

  • Gold Bars/Major SCRAP 50%-96-99% Plus with Silver

    Returnable Rate : Gold 99.8% on assay
    Silver >0.5% & <20% - 98% on assay
    Platinum >0.05% & <15% - 95% on assay (Refining charges for US$35.00/oz on recovery)
    Palladium >0.05% & <15% - 95% on assay (Refining charges for US$35.00/oz on recovery)

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